The Big Question.


Q.    Suppose we all have some needs, or dreams, car new TV, money. What big I may dream of or need.

A.     The big I as we know is so powerful and enjoy almost complete control of everything (Timeshpere). That may not be enough for two reasons. First, if the big I life span is limited to one cycle of Timeshpere, than even that is not guarantied. If I exist as sum of all I carries than their existence as continuous entity over that astronomical period is not guarantied. Due to local fluctuations at some point of Timesphere existence balance of I could be negative, then mean no I existence for the while or even forever to the end of cycle. If were big I I wish myself to secure existence over whole period (form universe creation to the end and then new cycle). There is still chance that big I so powerful and knowledgeable dont know everything yet, dont know even all questions yet. Their could be another reason for us to exist in nowadays form. As small i carriers we can ask our self small questions and find small answers. If we multiply that by the number of possible i carriers mutations across Timeshpere (Universe) that may create quite a nice computing power. If then big I by definition is able to get internal sight into all that small knowledge that their purpose to existence is clear enough. If some Big Questions point rather to basics not to technical details, our chance as relatively primitive i carries (humans) to find the right question and then big answer ( or vice versa) is quite high. The civilizations progress definitely make it easier for more advanced civilizations, when the basics of physical existence are fulfilled then civilization (food, habitat, money- what a strange thing that I dont have place in all my concepts at all) ,civilization may have more time to ask right questions and find right answers. Even in our primitive civilization deviation like arts: music, painting, writing and poetry may have such a value.

Well, is short what is Big Question that? The Big Question is How the Big I can secure (quarantine) his continuity over complete cycle?


If Big I is able to enjoy everyday aspect of our life (and control it to some extent some may said). And other civilizations too. That means that frequency of his senses must be very high indeed. We can say his life is very intensive in this point. Multiply that while Time sphere (Universe) fulfilled by fluctuations with traps (black holes) and un.. (urodzajny, zyzny) place that Time sphere may have difficulty to grow (dark mater?). There is big chance that continuous existence that big I and enjoy could be put at risk. Multiply that geometrical form of universe (X parameters) by the whole time from universe creation to their and you may realize that his chance for survival getting slimmer and slimmer. In fact there could be separate many entities over all this period. The question is what you will do in his place (impersonate yourself) to archive maximum chance of survival. How you can do so? It may looks like big question and big answer is too difficult to big I itself. Then he creates and employs billions of small i carriers to solve the problem for him. Now everything he has to do is listening. The small question that I dont want even to ask is what if this small group of I carriers found that final answer? What happen to them, then? Well, as I said I dont want even to ask such question.

The Big Answer.

There is only one chance to quarantee and secure continuity of the life our big I over whole period. As we know Big I is here and there at the same time. Everywhere. Hi existed also then, in the past, now, and next(future). There only one configuration to be safe here. It looks lice big elephant trumpet (traba) or cyclone (lejek) that extend from the beginning of the time (timeshare center) towards Timeshpere surface. (Sorry I dont know yet what is above that surface).

How he can achieve so?

There is big technical answer to big question, how to survive everything. We know that at specific conditions timesphere is following in different pace. Our natural observation is that time is slowing down with increased speed, big mass (energy concentration) effect our time sense too. The Big I must then create such a topography of time sphere and in some place time is running at our speed, at some places slow, then reach the point where it slow down enough almost stop there to survive while Timeshere cycle. Easy now? Want a prove now? First prove is that, that after I said all that we still exist. According to our earlier (rozwazania) after finding the Big Answer and then Big Question our existence is no longer nececeary. Second prove is that Big I may know now what the Big question and Big Answer is, but he still dont know how to archive that (create such a configuration of the time sphere that extend from the beginning to the end). The third prove is now we have grown our technical civilization to show how to create if on the sciencetific experimental level. We have got plenty time left then. Or one day another bugger (like me) will come and say so (spell it out) without any specific reason, having no basis or roots in existing science. Then could be The End. We not longer needed. The big question for us is what then? What happen to us? The first practical scenario is that we will be left to our own devices Second- discarded because we are present now danger for I existence, Third (the most probable) scenario we will fully enjoy our life in haven as a rewords for our achievements. Who know? Maybe there is another Big question to bi know? And discarding (cancelling) such a great civilization that helped to find final solution will be wrong example for future generations of I carriers. OK that known. We all know that after our Timeshoere and our Big I is next one, there one more again, Where it all ends?..





Dr Piotr Bilski


I wish that any discussion on the formula should be done without mention of their author. Thanks. Peter