Black Hole Classification (BH)*

1.       By Dimension
from micro to mega size. Lifespan and Range are directly related to BH dimension. Lifespan is actually to size with micro BH lasting fraction of the second thru stable standard size BH to mega structure on unknown lifetime.  This lifetime criteria are actually quite artificial used for simplicity for our perception. Similarly Range they BH affect is relative to our perception

2.       By Composition

a)-BH build from electrons dominant force is related to electric charge
b)+BH similarly build from protons and with dominant electromagnetic forces
c)0BH consist exclusively of neutrons gravitational force dominant and neutral in electric field
d)MBH mixed composition all above in %


3.       By internal Structure- geometry

c) surface- flat or curved

4.       Range describe most effectiveness
c)objects like plants stars
d)mega galaxy

*Classification is visual simplification of the SUT (spaghetti Universe theory)


Peter Bilski