Black Hole Resonator

This simple device is used to produce unlimited amount of energy from trash.

                                o-- -o

In standard conditions two protons repel each other.


o---o      o--o                       o-o                 oo             O

If we make a distance between smaller then they will fuse together releasing energy in the process.


Instead of using traditional way of closing the gap between by means like   temperature, pressure or kinetic energy this device use less convention method.  Distance gap losing between atoms is created by resonating alternating space between particles. Simply speaking the particles stay where they have been but geometry of the space between is changed temporally.


o : : : : : : o             o: : /:x :/ : : o

In such condition criteria to fuse are met and particles can fuse freely

And distorting space cause is removed.

This device is using negative charged black hole (build of electrons only). -BH is position shortly between pair to initiate then moved to next pair to continue operation and then next one. NBH is keep is carefully design resonance or circular path to avoid damaging by direct contact with particles.


Since NBH is electrically charged is easy to control using external electromagnetic fields (unlike neutral 0BH that only gravitational force is dominant.

Caution is required when using such device since run out of control –BH is capable of igniting surrounding matter in no time.  Extra precision must be taken since timing is distorted in proximity of BH which is substantially different to ours perception. Total energy released in uncontrolled malfunction of the device could be then equal to converting all atoms to the heaviest on the table in lucky scenario or single super-seed BH in extreme one.

For sustain operation –BH device require steady supply off external control in the form of matter or field.

In the case that -BH is not readily available another means of distracting space can be used

Practical advantages of BHR (black hole resonator):
-small dimension –able to power wrist watch or microchip to personal vehicles and space craft scalable.

-availbility of the subtract – in the simplest form hydrogen atoms can be used but that is no limit and future version can be run on multiple sources (any trash is good as matter)

-Carefully designed device is selfl-limitating depowering –BH in direct contact with surroundings in the case of malfunction.
-weaponized version is quite capable in the case of extraterrestrial aggression or natural hazards i.e comets or similar heavy objects

-removing whole planets or stars is not recommended due to substantial signature in the universe that may provoke aggression or similar behavior.


Peter Bilski