How our universe is build and works

* To understand how we have to see how the smallest part are made and works.










Imagine small round membrane.

If membrane is deformed in one direction that represent energy (or mass) that we can observe in our dimension

The bigger deformation the bigger energy, that why we can say E=mc2.

Flat membrane- no energy, deformed – energy is present (or mass)

Right what we can see now easy is representation of energy as that surface of that membrane.


Next we can imagine that line that create border of our membrane fold to just one point.








So our membrane we can see now like balloon or bubble coming out of one point.









Interesting observation here is that we can observe only if in this specific point is no “balloon” -no mass or there is balloon –that mean there is matter (energy) in this place. But as on the first picture remember that balloon was actually membrane that we can bend both ways – up and down so we should be able to create also anti-balloon















So this small balloon or membrane may represent the smallest part of our world.



What is the time?


Next imagine much, much bigger balloon.

From very small, like a point only growing to very big and still growing.














And we live on the surface of this big balloon. As all good balloons there is no inside, and no outside just very tiny surface. That is our Time. (Time Balloon) There is no past (inside the balloon and there is no future yet (outside the balloon.


On the surface of this Big Balloon (which represent our time) we can see now our small balloons (which represent everything we know > all things, atoms, particles, waves, even smaller pieces , even nothing at all (empty space)  is build from.

Questions and answers:

Q. If our universe is continues?

A. Is not. If it was there will be much more variety, but as much as we know all universe is build in same way, same particles, photons, atoms everywhere.

Q. If there distance between basic points is always the same.

A. Yes. (And NO) All points create specific matrix with same distance between them and that why some very small values in physics have a quantum increments not linear values. Some space could be occupied some other can’t. Because we live on ever expanding balloons the distance may change indeed but everything we use measure it is change too. So not much to worry for us in this dimension at least.

Q. To how many single points can one point communicate directly?

A. 3 or six. (Unless some anomalies are created in time surface that extreme values create place (time) balloon surface may stick together.




Q. Is everything linear: distance, time, energy?

A. Rather not. There is some distance between points that our membrane (Balloons) come from, distance where time travel and the energy that membrane (balloon) can have is also quantified. That why we have so nice and easy recognized parts and particles.













Q. What is constant what is not?

A. The distance between Time Points on ever growing time balloon is the same.













But by providing energy to our membrane and bending it down (what represent speed)











The distance between time points seems to be bigger.   Nothing is free and there are obvious limitations.

If the time travel from point A to B with speed c that we need quite a lot energy to bend membrane enough (speed) to see the effect.

Q. Is time travel possible?

A. Quite enough. If Time points on concentric spheres exist permanently (and there are not created and disappearing only for our time sphere) then you may theoretically jump from our time sphere to internal sphere but I am afraid it could be completely different world as interactions between time spheres are usually prohibited and each sphere may grow billions of years.  Interactions (exchange energy between our membrane-balloons) are allowed horizontally (on the surface of each time sphere.

Q. What is universe?

A. That is our time-sphere. All galaxies, stars and planets lay flat on our time-sphere. Then fluctuations of basic mambrans-ballons create all mater and space we know.

Q. How something (our universe) can be created from nothing? What about energy preservation law?

A. Nothing wrong here. As you see to create matter (energy) in our world all you need is to bend this basic membrane. Or balloon coming out our Basic Time Point. If symmetrical energy is created on opposite site of our Basic Time Point that balance is still ZERO.











There are at least three scenarios here:

a)      symmetrical anti-balloon

b)      symmetrical in mass (energy) multiple balloons : +5 = - 3, -1, -1

c)      resonating balloon that exist on our side for time T and for same time on another side (that is most probable for me)

Q What is any physic law is contrary to your theory?

A. Let me know and then I can try to accommodate and explain or modify and improve. Last eventuality the law is wrong J


Q. Why is the light speed limited (or max allowed)?

A. Imagine our balloon, where in central point is time point and radius = c (light speed), balloon the energy. Then we press balloon in one place to reach this central point.















Initially closer to the middle amount of energy needed to increase speed (velocity) is very low, higher to the surface is rising and then your need entire surface of the balloon the have this maximum speed c.

(For those willing to do some basic mathematical calculations to find relations between speed and energy on the picture/diagram above advice: actual speed and energy value may be represented by simple radius, circle, wheel, surface even volume of the shape so will take you some time to catch up (or better ) Einstein.


Q. What that formula really means E=mc2?
A. Imagine again. Our central Time Point and sphere represent energy, radius represent m.
















Problem is that formula present quite specific example. We can see that is only one unit on the bigger sphere. Or could be just approximate formula for multiple time points energy, that we assume that m lines are parallel (not going to one Time Point)

But immediately we have next question what is the value whole lot? If the single Time Points may share the same energy bubble/ sphere? What is the distance between time points? How Time Point spheres interact to each other when sharing or in distance to each other.



Q. Why time is always moving?

A. Imagine pendulum. Then position it to the left.















The weight is at that place but can not stay there for very long. Exist in the place it shouldn’t but indeed is in the place for the moment.


Now go back to our Time Points










If our world can create symmetrical dimension that energy bubble can swing ( to avoid  situation that something come from nothing and still exits) , bubble can stay in the same place – time may stop.












But our Energy bubble which is conflict with our basic energy law has no option but swing to the next Time Point. This Force our Energy Bubble moving forward swinging from one Time Point to next one. As our old friend Newton found you may draw similar conclusions. The bigger the bubble (the more energy/mass is there) the more difficult is to move (we can say more time it takes to moveJ) and Time is running slower. If the bubble could reach specific level that possibly can not move at all and time stop here.

What is important here on the bigger picture that our Timeshpere (universe as we know< or this surface of balloon) is not always smooth but deformed locally into very interesting shapes (we talk about it later).






Q. What is Black Hole and why?



Q. What is gravitational force in relation to time and energy?




Q. What is Big Bang?

A. Center point of out Timesphere


Q. How could our Universe be unlimited?

A. Our universe Time shpere) is like surface of balloon. Our three dimensional vision of the world idea is actually represented as 1 dimensional surface here.


Q. How do we travel?

A  From point A to B on our balloon (universe) we can travel different routes














The straight line will be thru world (Time Sphere) completely free of energy (universe usually not empty, some energy, radiation here and there).

We can not definitely walk the shortest way that will be thru balloon inside because we have to live our Timesphere  go inside to the Past and then go back to Now.

The maximum speed we can travel on our surface is c.

But if we could than go across balloon? We can pass the limit..”But that not possible Time Travel” you say! Well YES and NO!!

Remember why the time has to travel in first place? Due to same nature of the Time and Energy that time has to travel (so our energy law say that energy bubble shouldn’t be there (and is not there just swing for a while and then to the next time point to avoid this conflict). Can NOT go to the Past and stay there but we can possibly Swing there and go back to our balloon surface (Timesphere). We shouldn’t be there (Past) so we are not and to avoid this conflict we just swing there. So maybe swing thru the future will be easier? Possibly Yes. Because Future (external Timesphere) will come anyway and we don’t have even to back to our Timesphere, just go to the point and wait and timesheet will catch up.










Q. How do we know that all these are not bullshit?

A. I know that for skeptics is only one thing. A formula. I am afraid is too early to disclose it now. It will be to hard to you to understand (believe). Anyway I try to show beginning and the most important part.


T = a E * b I * c X



You may probable know what T mean and what E stand for. Right a, b, c just also parameters. Well, I can’t. You are not ready for "I" (me) yet.




Q. How to navigate Universe?

A. Lets back to our three dimensional world. Imagine our three dimensions as a skin on orange.









We can see our skin have perfect three dimensions. Two will be quite similar and thirds quite distinctive.

To navigate such space will be quite difficult unless we can find some point of reference. If our skin is spinning then navigating universe will be much easier.

Using basic tools like waves (electromagnetic and gravitational) we can position ourselves perfectly in the universe. Another help could be polarity of the field.

If besides one obvious dimension we can show any direction in remain two we can create perfect grid of our three dimensions in our universe.







Dr Piotr Bilski

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I=intelligence (hell I shluld say that!)