How universe was created and why?

Q. What condition is needed to create new universe?

A. If I factor reach the value 1 condition are met to create new Timesphere (new Big Bang)


Q. What we know about I field?

A. I field or I rays could be possibly created in polarized matter and antimatter interaction (annihilation).

The process occur spontaneously around the world but as long as is not specifically polarized (I factor is low) not much effect is visible.


Q. What is supernova?

A. We may observe already spontaneous or not explosions on large scale. Some civilizations may exist longer that we do. As long as I factor for this explosions are low, not much worry for us. But if explosions get bigger and bigger looks like somebody is twigging with I factor.


Q. Why they do so?

A. That is like initial test and playing up the God. As I said when the I factor reach 1 there is possibility to create next new TimeSphere with 0 coordinates.


Q. What is the lesson for us?

A. That releasing amount of energy depend not only on the things we used to know already (e=mc2) but also on I factor which could be controlled.


Q. Can be used as a weapon or as a bomb?

A. Well, offensive or defensive to wipe out whole galaxies if enemy is there.


Q. Is that possible for somebody to control such a huge mass (stars) to create/modify explosion

A. Well, mass could be huge and I factor small for spontaneous event or smaller mass and high I factor release the same energy. Well, that not the energy we should worry about, that should our T. We can possibly survive supernova explosion but we can not survive collapse of our Time shpere.


Q. What TEIX stand for?


 T- time (on Timesphere)

E- Energy, mass equivalent

X- The way the all above are organized (the x factor include all our three dimensions)

I –Intelligence (need a little bit more explanation, look below)


Q. What are “I" means here?

A. It is a way how all three above are organized. Look. If you left matter in space other time to their own devices, everything is going away, disorganized, taking to pieces – we say entropy increases.

Is I factor is a little bit higher matter may organized itself into : particles, atoms, pieces, crystals, planets, and suns,  If the I factor is even higher the all above factors (T,E,X) may organize itself intentionally to get dominance and grow – when this level is reached – the basic Live exist, Even higher I level of that TEX create conscience (swiadomosc) that actually the creature TEX will know about their existence, Higher level of the I factor mean TEX creature have higher level manipulation of all TEX factors, Extreme I level is reached when TEX creature reach the point that is skilled enough to ORGANIZE MATTER (ENERGY) IS SUCH WAY IN SPECIFIC TIME THAT CONFIGURATION  EXCEED VALUE NEEDED TO CREATE NEW TIMESPHERE. We can say simply God level


Q. What is significant of T formula?

A. T formula is a first and only that piece together everything we know world in one basic formula: matter, time, conscience, life. All that was so far divided in separated: science with physics, religion and god glued into one basic T-Formula. Formula that explain everything (if doesn’t explain something that mean that thing doesn’t exist or matter)



Q. What is the life?

A. If the "I" factor in the TEX in higher that specific value that matter may go around –performing activity to grow itself, and multiply.


Q. Is there any prove or evidence to confirm the T formula.

A. Well, yes, what we Scientist always wants is to find the basic matter/energy interactions that can be measured (projected onto TEX diagram). The basic will be possible to find I-Rays that may travel with speed exceeding light speed.


Q. What is human value in T formula?

A. T-Formula allow separate group of interest draw evidence for their own world of interest. For nearest time each may draw using specific part of formula for their own interests. Physicist may do calculations, religion group may have prove of god existence, politicians may want better organize world. The universal formula that glues everything together actually may actually be used for some time to explain only specific areas of interests.



Q. Are there any evidence against T-Formula?

A. Not a single one that I can be aware off.


Q. Is the formula the prove the God exist?

A. To some extent Yes.


Q. Where to look for God?

A. You have to remember that formula explain everything on the basic subatomic level.  Billions of such structures create basic atom, and then billions atoms the smallest thing that we can see. The next point is, God is not on this TEX level that we can see. All we can see and touch is Time Mass Space . The God level is more in I dimension that controll everything but is not that can be measured in TEX dimesinsion. That why God could be everywhere in the same time (theoretically).


Q. Have you got any concerns?

A. Well, I think that discutioin could be divided into four topics: T,E,I,X . Since there is good progress in some areas : scientist in TEX organized everything prytty well so far , there is still confusion in I scientist groups of interest (represented by religions) . Besides some basic common ground here, there is still lack of understanding the whole, and some progress could be made once we know the formula ( the Truth).


Q. You said what could convince skeptics on TEX side (I rays) , what could be such prove for I skeptics?

A I think if we can prove using T-Formula  that complex (combination of TEIX factors ) exist  in the absence of one of factors, then first scientific proof is made. That may explain how soul (I factor)  may exist without body and how god can be everywhere and nowhere at this same time.  That explain heaven and hell at the same time.

If I factor (soul) may exist in abcence of one of TEX factors than heaven may exist as sum of all single I factors (souls) .


Q. Are you believer?

A. I never though I was, unitil now….



Dr Piotr Bilski


I wish that any discussion on the formula should be done without mention of their author. Thanks. Peter