Suppose we want to send a message to the remote place in different galaxy at a distance million light years. You think it takes some time to reach there. Wrong. We can do this in instant.

Because we don’t want to bend our traditional physics by exceeding light speed we have to find different way. In order to do so we use small particle I call Tino (derived from Time).  Tino can travel our timesphere back and forward. Two places that are separated by distance x were some time ago very close by. So we send our Tino backwards in time to the point the dimension and destination dimension were close enough and our Tino jump/cross this dimension at the past (move physically in space a while ago) to pop up now in different location.  Since our Tino travel like yoyo total energy balance is intact –disappear here to pop up there at the same time.

If we look closer our world should be full of Tinos travelling up and down.

How to solve some technical difficulties? I imagine that create Tino and send is back (even to the beginning of everything) taking some energy. Quite a lot actually. Because we live in time that we want to save a bit of this energy I suggest we use a trick. Instead of creating Tino and sending back (or forward –I don’t know yet) we better get one that is already on or near the top of the spring, encode with our information and direction and let it go. Tino then go back in time to reach the zero point and spring back to same energy level but at desired timesphere location. It cost us almost nothing energy wise.

Some smart ass of you want already use this small innovation for personal gain? Send a lotto number a few days back? Catch the Tino on their way back and ready its content? By simply reading Tino on his way you destroy/change its content and it never reach destination again.


There are some obvious places in our timesphere that are the most valuable, for travel and information.  The closest beginning we are the farest destination we can reach. I imagine that traffic must be terrible close to point zero as from there we can reach absolutely everywhere.

Human illustration of this effect.  Suppose you are 30 y.o. now. Your old school love friend live xxx km away, you don’t know even where.  But some time ago you where very close. Now on your image travel with your love friend wherether she/he is. If that heart beat faster for a while when recollection come to mind- that would not happened if this two at time ago where not close enough and seed of information wasn’t planted then. Maybe that is just illustration of only one branch of this time and space travel and one way only but that is drawback of our human perspective J

Particles in general are not so emotional.