Q Is there any contradiction in existing science and Macroscience

A Not at all. Macroscience is just extension of existing knowledge. Comprehend everything known already and add extra dimensions not reveled yet in traditional science.

Q.What dimensions?

A Like intelligence, essence of time, purpose. Priority. In existing science understanding dimensional world is perceived and charted not the Time itself.

Time instead of space in the center of universe?

A Yes, What is universe is not expanding or contracting, but Time perspective is changed? Two point are a meter away but once its take light a millisecond to travel or another few years.


Q. All this seems to be quite obscure. What do you know for sure?

A. That I am the poorest men on this planet and that nobody know what I am talking about (for now)

Q So what is the purpose for you to write it all?

The sole purpose is not for you to ready but for me to seed. Information once presented in this or another form will exist for a while. Most of presented though go far beyond present interest and I would sincerely say are useless or even danger if understand properly.

Q What do you mean 'dangerous'?

A Like you don't give a monkey machine gun, you don't give present civilization power to destroy (or create)...universe.

Q What is your perspective?

The core of presented thoughts may rest useless for next few million years; some other may pop up independently in the near future in the process of discovery basic rules in this universe.

Q. Any chance of getting it earlier?

A Only in the case of incident of biblical proportion we may jump a step or two on evolution ladder in order to avoid or get a clue why is that happening.

Q What do you thing this Green Marsian may ask us for eventually? Where is your commander?

A Possibly yes. They are still dumb enough to ask serious questions.


Q. What is you main obstacle?

A. I face a dilemma . Should I go to may garage to assemble next glass cabinet that I can sell at two hundred dollars profit or get on the paper next useless idea.

I take me the same time to assemble simple cabinet as invent and draw basic plans for Time Travel Machine and Ultra Strength Materials, donít even mention Space Elevator in the meantime.










Piotr Bilski