Q. What is miracle?

A. Unfortunately to my interference something big and bad is going to happen. Mechanism is like that: Once the T-Formula (The Truth) has been revealed everybody expect sudden confirmation or the truth will be forgotten. In the past miracle was a vehicle to prove the Truth and spread into (wspolczesnych). In the future basic detailed and definitive confirmation of the formula, general consensus in that matter, could be the all you need. Where are now, I don’t know. The most probable something spectacular must happen to get the vehicle going for some time. I imagine that could be something like:

Huge and completely unexpected asteroid is going to hit the earth and wipe the whole life. Why unexpected? Because Asteroid wasn’t there for the million of years on the collision course with Earth. That such excident happen regardless of mine predictions. If will be on collision course because of mine predictions…well..that is not mine fault  …well

It must happened because world expect miracle to happen now!

Then there is not enough power in the Earth to avoid collision and complete disaster. But there is only chance. Regardless of traditional physics but completely inside T-Theory there is only one solution.

Solution may be applied by humans itself (if they gather enough understanding of T-Theory) or may need some external help. Say if I will be still around I will be happy to do so otherwise a little bit mysterious entity.

Wait. The problem here is that we are not necceary must survive this spectacular disaster. The basic mathematics drawn from mine T-Formula that total value of our shared (i) factor is (niepozadany) by I such a world could be wiped out and replaced with better one. I am rather optimist here and the prove is here, I (“me” do not confuse with “I”, that limitation of English language) am writing to you about this future occurrence because “I” see this as positive for his bigger plans.

A few more examples of such miracle could be:

Earth core melting

Our sun exploding

But don’t worry – there is a chance.



Q. How we can measure I level?

A. we can’t even imagine that. But we just start building something that may be used as “I”miernik, the computers. I don’t know how it work, you don’t know, but at some stages we will be able to measure such ‘I” components as BAD, GOOD. Beside slight dim light we have no idea how to measure it say nothing to put it into mine general formula as specific number that can be calculated. Bad or good as such components of “I” like for “E”=mc2





Dr Piotr Bilski

Email: peter.bilski@gmail.com

I wish that any discussion on the formula should be done without mention of their author. Thanks. Peter