Photon trap


This device is created by two or more MBH separated by the minuscule distance. Since single MBH may not be very stable and evaporate quickly array could be more stabile. By examining involved dimensions

We can describe rotation of single MBH around own axis or array of MBH rotating around common axis.

Computation of this internal speed describe their properties.

Some may evaporate quickly and other stays for longer or become progressively stable.

Next experiment describe accelerating MHB to relativistic speed then combining both dimensional energy (internal rotation with linear velocity), and recombining two at frontal collision.

But returning to the subject of this topic is device created by array (two or more) MBH at minuscule distance and effect on photon trap orbiting between. For distant observer photon become delayed or temporary missing. In fact photon never crossed MBH surface, just slides round external surface. As such doesn’t bring any information from the interior.

Then there is similarity in another test object traveling at near c speed at linear dimension and that around MBH. Such effect may suggest that is all the same dimension. If we can prove that in fact same dimension that join distant galactic and that around MBH. If we assume that photon still travel at straight line at full speed that point clearly (illustrate to us) to another dimension and their relative proportion.


Subject of next paragraph.

If light carry information across universe. For us past events. How much information is lost in the process? How information is lost on the way, new created and distorted. Local experiment. How information is created at the point and means of propagating. Information density and dispersion. In search of new dimension - Info dimension.