Spaghetti Universal Theory


From 0 (zero-center) core to eternity there are outgoing multi-dimensional “tubes”

There is hypothetical sphere that tubes interact create specific moment in time.

The consecutive layers crate percent time, past, future limits.

At moment at time two or more tubes interact with each other by any of their 12 dimension.

Between these two moments tubes are indeterminate limited by their values of 12 dimensions.


Practical implication:

-          All measured items (matter, energy, space) are only small percentage of all tubes,  only tube actually interacting, the rest is in the state between two moments in time

-          Speed limit, energy factors, etc are valid between two tubes in two moments in time interacting but limited only by 12 dimensional values between joints.

-          “Strings”  are just one of many possible 12 dimensional tubes interaction representation

-          BH (black holes) are another example of massive similar configuration of the values in the interacting spaghettis

-          Spaghetti tube exist even between joints but since do not interact cannot be detected or measured (actual measurement is only averaging over many consecutive joints (in time)

-          There cannot be two identical spaghetti values by all 12 dimensional values

-          Spaghetti have still values between joints – invent when do not interacting for a long time still affecting all possible future configurations and interaction.

-          Spaghetti values in between joints may fluctuate in 12 factors but do not change Total that can be affected only in joint interaction with next tube.

-          All spaghetti start at the same hypothetical centre (unless next multicenter theory says over wise) – i.e our universe start in on point and there is not know another universe interacting with ours

-          In multicenter theory unlimited centers may exist sending their spaghetti interacting with each other at allowed joints

-          Spaghettis from multiple sources (in multicenter theory) may have different properties (dimensions) but may have capability to interact within some common dimension.




Piotr Bilski