Time Cavitations Effect

Q. What is Time Cavitation Effect?

A. Suppose we have object traveling thru our Timesphere. Similar to comet on the sky the object will live at trail on the Timesphere that we can measure†† and observe.















Now depending on our object speed the trial signature will be characteristic, measurable and are predictable. We have our scientific equipment, we can measure everything.

Suppose that we use indirect method of checking the status of the time point after object left the timespace.


Now we push our object faster and faster. Clouse to our barrier which now c speed signature is quite characteristic. Suppose that we reach the time speed. The measured values will be quite uniform. Depend on our methodology we fill our measured space with values too big, too small or completely random.

Now real trick is speeding up our object even faster and then we just donít have any values to fill the space that our object traveled. There is just not enough information to fill all that space (the comet trial). But we agree that values then should be in some sort specific to that speed in some sort characteristic and uniform over that imagined path.















Fine. After the object pass all points on his path everything back to norm, we just measured effect. But hyper speed object left some vacuum on our Timesphere, that we have some problems to fill with anything. But after time everything back to norm and our time space is filled again with standards values. I think that this effect of filling that informational vacuum must be quite spectacular! Must be characteristic in the form and effects. Obviously theoretically! Because we are not allowed to go any faster that c speed. And here is whole trick.


We are guessing what could be the effect of hyper speed object, guessing values and interpolating the path.










Now we apply our trick










By creating external environment around interpolated path we crate illusion that we actually reach the speed >c. Now for our instruments that donít know our not very honest intensions that measured effect should be exactly this same as a real thing. The whole trick will be perfect only for observer in very specific position.

The question is why we do so?

There is analogy to Future prediction. We pretty know that is not possible to access directly this information from the past or from the future because that mean breaking some basics law of physics. So we can create illusion we met required criteria actually (braking the oblivious rules) and we still free to observe effects. By measuring actual effects we may find out hypothetical path that actually may create similar effect. For our actual senses (and physics) doesnít really matter if observed effect is real thing or just illusion as long as fit into our scope.





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