Time Machine

Q. How to build simple time machine?

A. We have to start with some basic observations. For the beginning we start with Time Machine that travels only one way. Instead of Time Vehicle the most proper will be to use Time Freezer.

Time Machine First Generation.

Letís get one clock and put it into the fastest rocket we have. Then send around the Sun and back.Well enough we have our first time machine, boring enough. Who want to spend a time in empty space on the useless trip?

Time Machine Second Generations.

Suppose that you have space sickness and afraid of height and donít want to put in the can for a dubious trip. Suppose that you want to enjoy time travel at your convenience at home without living your comfortable armchair. Well, go into Time Machine Second Generation.

Imagine your poor clock once sent around the sun now put on to carousel and spin quite fast. Once your carousel reach the rotating speed of relativistic proportion the clock may enjoy time travel without living our living room. There is some technical problem here although.

Time Machine third Generation.

Much easier those fighting g forces of cosmic proportion will be to use our vehicle based on different principle.

Suppose that I took you poor clock from you. You want it back now. I didnít agree, I want to have one. What happened?

Our poor clock travel at lest 1mk from your hand to my pocket, then from my pocket to your hand, to be back in my pocket by now. Our poor clock travel whole 3m in the three minutes time of our struggle. Not much effect on third time precision unless wrong arguments were used in the process. I just pull a joke ďthis is not a clock this is time bomb! Watch out. Now you donít want this clock, I donít want it either. Now we have reach consensus and our clock may travel forward and back much more efficiently. When eventually our poor clock may travel an x kilometers a second (which is sum of all forward and back small movement) may start enjoying the trip.

Ok, we know principle the time to build time vehicle. We will build massive shaker that shake our clock back and forward with awesome speed. Well as all good shakers, and unproven vehicles that work well to create bloody mess then convenient travel. Our proper shaker will shake our single atoms far enough to travel significant distance and small enough not to brake molecular connections. I know the problem you can see now. Amount of energy dispersed in process of shakeing our atoms will cook us evenly from the guts to the skin. That why our microwave transporter have for luxury switch to synchronize all vibrations at all the same time. By applying external field to synchronize oscillation all the atoms and particles, all at the same time we save heaps of dispersing energy and preventing from overcooking. The next generation air-conditioned vehicle may go even further to left our poor atoms alone and shaking the space around at minute distances.


Fasten your seatbelts and happy travel!





Dr Piotr Bilski

Email: peter.bilski@gmail.com

I wish that any discussion on the formula should be done without mention of their author. Thanks. Peter