Q. Who were Jesus and Mohamed?

A. The peoples Jesus and Mohamed) that get that knowledge ahead of generations. How the world was born and how it works.

The tried to pass that message to the (wspolczsny ) peoples with mixed result. But the most intriguing part is how they do know that? If is very unlikely that knowledge like that spontaneously arouse in civilization well below scientific basics to draw such conclusions. There are two possible explanations for this phenomenon.

First. There are been very smart observers and the basic of T- Formula is so obvious that regardless of time and place they draw similar conclusions. They had view of another dimension (I) that is hidden from us since we can touch and feel only three of those TEX).

Second. Most scary is that I itself intervened in the time and place to pass the message to the local (i)-carriers (humans). Conclusion can be drawn that information like that is (pozadana) for I well being and allow I to grow itself as a sum of all i-carriers. The obvious assumption is here that big I have conscience as we all small I-carriers have. The last thing we want if he don’t and there is basic force to grow behind all of this.

Than regardless of their will they had to carry and pass this knowledge to (wspolczesny) in the hope that improves development.

As you know form T-Formula for I factor not the size is only that matter but the quality. I factor could be exponentially large but as long as I is not polarized enough (quality, order, purpose) the all remaining TEX factors alone are not enough to break even point to create new Timeshpere. Which definitely aim of all that.

Then new World is created again.


Q. What are similarities? What did they know?

A. I am not an expert in this field, but some evidence, are obvious. If they quoted saint triangle that exactly our T-formula. There was no way to present to (wspolczeny) in present form so some sort imaginable picture. Look art this, Formula presented as three dimensional triangle T=EIX. Beauty in the formula is that you always can look and see only three dimensions, you just guessing the existence of fourth. You can always do calculations in just chosen three dimensions and they are correct. For whole picture you need all four. Even before Egyptian and every other civilizations build pyramids which pretty well illustrate our formula. One thing I don’t understand. Classical pyramid has square basins since our formula only triangle. If they were wrong or I am, I don’t know. Firstly they may do so for practical reason as pyramid on triangle basis could be a little bit orchids to build. Do not expect too much since even Einstein was still restricted in his imagination only to either three of our four TEIX components.











Q. Do you think that if (wspolczesny) to Jesus and Mohamed knew how important message they carry, their life could be easier? They don’t have much appreciations and understanding form (wpsolczensnycxh)…

A. I think not much, once the seed message was grown and proved. 


Q. If messiah can be reborn?

A. He could be, but his life will not be any easier now that it was thousands years ago.


Q. What is a miracle?

A.  Some sort of prove –evidence- was needed for (wspolczeny) to believe. That must be in contradiction to TEX rules but completely within ITEX rules.

The next interesting question could be if they been able to generate such occurrence based on their ITEX knowledge or they have been given external help from I…..That may suggest that I is actually observing and correcting actual results in his favor.


Q. If there is God there is Devil. Where is he?

A. If God will be interested in creation of Timesphere the devil could be interested in actually destroying one. Is seemed that devil may have same ability to collect i-carriers as God have. And there is place that both keep there pray Heaven and Hell.




Q. Who are you?

A. (?), well, … no, I am just a messenger, but I know that my time here is limited…all this depend if what I discovered (was told) and said so far is enough or not….



Dr Piotr Bilski

Email: peter.bilski@gmail.com

I wish that any discussion on the formula should be done without mention of their author. Thanks. Peter